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Conventional photography doesn't convey how shapes and proportions work together in the same way as seeing the miura with your own two eyes.

View Lamborghini Miura S Preis Pictures. Sie suchen den lamborghini miura ihrer träume? Lamborghini miura history and drive review.

Lamborghini Miura for AC - New Previews - ...
Lamborghini Miura for AC - New Previews - ... from
Informationen zum lamborghini miura gesucht? Immagine a tutto schermo della lamborghini miura arancio, vista frontale con inquadratura che ne rivela i tre quarti, ferma vicino a un muro di cinta. Scheda tecnica con caratteristiche, prestazioni, consumi, motorizzazioni, foto degli interni e degli esterni della mitica lamborghini miura.

Two miuras were shipped from the company's museum to the italian alps for the event.

An overview of the lamborghini miura super car of the sixties, we list factory models, tuning and one off prototypes in full detail complete with extensive specification and numerous images. The black miura running through the streets and over the autostrada at night is cinematic poetry. The miura was improved into the p400 s with the s for spinto in 1969. Deze lamborghini miura p400 uit 1968 in zilver metallic wordt te koop aangeboden in duitsland door movendi.