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Photo 2/18 | lamborghini aventador lp 750 4 superveloce.

View Lamborghini 750-4 Superveloce Background. Blue lamborghini huracan evo spyder 2020. The lamborghini aventador superveloce has no carpet, sound deadening, usb ports, bluetooth phone pairing, cruise control, nor any warning labels.

Schwerer Name, leichtes Gewicht: Lamborghini Aventador ...
Schwerer Name, leichtes Gewicht: Lamborghini Aventador ... from
And sometimes—like whenever its cooling fans operate—it produces mechanical noises no car this costly should make. Usually the mr cars are very difficult to drive, but due to the 4wd system and suspension tune it's actually quite easy. In developing the superveloce (or sv for short) lamborghini followed a proven formula:

The supercar takes the aventador to even greater extremes with 750 hp, a curb weight reduced by 110 pounds, and improved aerodynamics.

This is the aventador superveloce. Lamborghini has previously lowered this distinctive badge of madness onto the miura, the diablo and the murcielago. My favorite car right now to drive if you have a wheel. Today, lamborghini confirms what we wished it could mean: