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It was only after the car was assembled that it was discovered that the.

Get Lamborghini 350 Gtv Engine PNG. Indeed the capable engine that bizzarrini developed would not fit due to the tall downdraft webers. For most of the gtv's life, it remained engineless due to clearance problems.

Lamborghini 350 GTV specs, performance data -
Lamborghini 350 GTV specs, performance data - from
The lamborghini 350 gtv was the prototype and forerunner of the later 350 gt (lamborghini´s first production model). The lamborghini 350 gt was the first production vehicle produced by lamborghini. 1964 lamborghini 350 gt the 350 gt, with a distinctly more balanced silhouette compared to the 350 gtv prototype (designed by franco scaglione), is the first lamborghini to enter production.

To design and build the car's engine, he collared giotto bizzarini.

The engine, by the way, deserves special attention. This beautiful engine first roared into life on lamborghini's new schenk dynamometer on may 15, 1963, the power output on these first tests was as high as 350. Nick d april 21, 2016. Wanting a higher level of refinement, lamborghini's first car to roll off the assembly line was the 1963 350 gtv.