46+ Lamborghini Essenza Scv12 Specs Background

Production of the essenza scv12 will be limited to just 40, and will feature lamborghini's most powerful v12 engine to date.

46+ Lamborghini Essenza Scv12 Specs Background. Lamborghini says the essenza scv12 creates more downforce than a gt3 car and produces upwards of 819 horsepower. The essenza scv12 will have a production run of just 40 units, all powered by the most powerful v12 lambo has ever produced.

Lamborghini SCV12 teased - ultimate track-only special a ...
Lamborghini SCV12 teased - ultimate track-only special a ... from www.crankandpiston.com
Made for the track only, the essenza scv12 features 1,200 kg of downforce and a 1.66 hp/kg ratio. Lamborghini is targeting its essenza at a very exclusive audience, those enthusiasts who appreciate that the best way to experience a supercar, is. Introduced on july 29, 2020, it is the most powerful and the last purely naturally aspirated car built by the brand.

The aero elements, which were borrowed (with modifications, of course) from.

It gets a number of mechanical and cosmetic features inspired by lamborghini's gt3 race cars. This car is like a special passport to the most exclusive world of lamborghini, said lamborghini's chief engineer maurizio reggiani. Check out new lamborghini essenza hypercar specs, features, wallpapers, price. Developed by lamborghini squadra corse and designed by centro stile lamborghini, this hypercar is a true representation of our unconventional spirit as a super sports car manufacturer and our true passion for motorsport.